We all know that we should exercise to stay fit and healthy. What some may not know is the importance of incorporating resistance training (weights, bands, etc.) into their exercise routine. Some form of resistance training should be the cornerstone of any good fitness program. Whether it’s losing weight, adding muscle, sports training, or just staying fit, resistance training is the most effective route one can take.


Unfortunately, the gripping surfaces of most fitness equipment and weight training accessories are typically cylindrical metal bars or ropes, which are not optimized with regards to the mechanics of the human hand and wrist. These poor ergonomics inhibit full muscle activation and can potentially lead to a myriad of problems.


EvoGrips solve these common problems by ultimately altering the position of the user’s hand in a way that distributes force to the natural shape of the human grip. This simple alteration allows the user to utilize their natural gripping power during the execution of an exercise. The improved grip shape and position promotes an increase in arm muscle activation while decreasing user discomfort.

EvoGrips are designed to be attached to fitness equipment quickly and easily via the elongation of the material. Our Patent Pending design helps to prevent any shifting or slippage between the separating faces of the grip during use and also allows for use on a wide variety of bar/rope thicknesses.

  • Easy

    Attaches/Detaches in seconds

  • Safe

    Patent Pending design helps to prevent slipping

  • Versatile

    Interlocking “C-Tooth” allows for use on a wider variety of equipment

  • Comfortable

    Perfect size and density

  • Durable

    Made of a non-toxic, eco-friendly, highly resilient material